Coniferous lumber of northern

sorting supplied for export.

Specifications (with Changes N 1, 2)
GOST 26002-83

K21 group



Technical conditions

Sawn softwood of northern sorting is exported. Specifications

MKS 79.040
OKP 53 3111

Date 1985-01-01

By the Decree of the USSR State Committee on Standards dated December 14, 2003, N 5894, the date of the meeting was established 01/01/85.

The limited validity periods were lifted according to the protocol N 4-93 of the Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (IUS 4-94) EDITION (September 2007) with changes N 1, 2, approved in December 1985, December 1986 ( ICS 4-86, 2-87)

This standard applies to coniferous sawn timber supplied for export through the white, Far Eastern, Leningrad and Igarka ports.

1. DIMENSIONS1.1. Lumber share

by thickness:
thin - from 16 to 22 mm,
medium - from 25 to 44 mm,
thickness - from 50 to 100 mm;
narrow - from 75 to 125 mm,
width - 150 mm and above;
by lenght:
short - from 0.45 to 2.40 m,
long - from 2.70 to 6.30 m.

1.2. The nominal dimensions of lumber in thickness and width are set according to GOST 24454-80, and the thickness of lumber should not exceed 100 mm.

1.3. Sizes of lumber set:

from 1.5 m and more with a gradation of 0.3 m,
from 0.45 to 1.35 m with a gradation of 0.15 m.
Lumber lengths from 0.45 to 1.35 m are made to order, as in the foreign trade association.

1.4. Lumber nominal sizes are set for wood with a moisture content of 20%. Dimensions of thickness and width of sawn timber should be more or less than nominal sizes according to GOST 6782.1-75.

1.5. Upcoming deviations from the nominal size of sawn timber should not exceed, mm:

in length: +25 / -12;
width: +3 / -2;
by thickness:
with a thickness of less than 50 mm: +2 / -1;
thickness 50 mm or more: +3 / -2.
The quantity of sawn timber with maximum permissible deviations should not exceed 25% of the total quantity of sawn timber.


2.1. Lumber must be made in accordance with the requirements of this standard according to the technology approved in the prescribed manner of pine, spruce, fir, larch and cedar.

2.2. Timber on the quality of wood and its processing are divided into 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5th grade.

2.3 Timber sorted:

by sections;

by breeds;

by classes - by classes (including 1, 2, 3rd grade, the share of which must correspond to the natural output of sawn timber from sawing), 4th grade separately, 5th grade separately. It is allowed to sort lumber for non-class and 4 classes together, for the 5th class - separately.

In a batch of spruce lumber up to 15% of fir is allowed.

2.4. Humidity lumber should not exceed 22%. Allowed to change the value of moisture on orders, orders of foreign trade associations.

2.5. Antiseptic lumber - according to GOST 10950-78.

2.6. The quality of lumber and their processing must meet the standards specified in Table 1-3.