Lumber. Packaging requirements

Requirements according to GOST 19041-85 and GOST 16369-96
Below are the requirements for packaging lumber according to GOST 19041-85 and GOST 16369-96.

1.2. Only minus rations of package sizes in width and height, not exceeding the largest dimensions of the cross-section of sawn timber from which the package is formed, are allowed.

1.3. Packages with dimensions of 2800 * 1750 and 2800 * 1600 mm and length over 2.3 m are not transported by road.

1.4. In coordination with the consumer, the formation of packages of size 2650 * 1200 mm in wire-squared binding is allowed.

1.5. Packages can be formed into block-packages consisting of two or more packages in width and (or) height.

1.6. For direct Russian rail transportation to fill the upper narrowed part of the size of the shoe, it is allowed to form trapezoid-shaped sawnwood packages with cross-section sizes 2000/2700/1200 mm.

1.7. The length of the packages lumber from 1.0 to 6.5 m.


2.1. The package and block of lumber must have a rectangular cross section and have one or both aligned ends.

It is allowed to use a package with an obedient form of one end.

2.2. The length of the package and the packaging unit is equal to the maximum length of sawn timber laid in the package.

In a package stack lumber no more than four adjacent lengths.

2.3 Allowed stacking in a stack of lumber with splicing along the length. Package stacking lumber has a length without splicing. When forming a package of two thin sawn timber, lumber 32 mm thick and more is placed in one or two lower rows. In the middle part of the outer legs, with the exception of two or three upper and lower rows, it is allowed to pass through a series of stacked lumber and blanks for joining along the length.

2.4. The package must be stacked lumber of the same length. It is allowed to pack two or three adjacent lumber lengths.


3.1. The species composition and type of sawn timber in the package must comply with the requirements of the contract.

3.2. Lumber of the same width and thickness should be laid on the package.

It is allowed to pack lumber of different widths into packaging, provided that the same width of all rows in the package remains the same.

When forming a package of thin lumber stack one or two lower rows of lumber with a thickness of 32 mm or more.

3.3. Batch packaging should consist of packages of the same width and height belonging to the same shipment lot.


4.1. When packing lumber through equal distances along the height of the package fit the gaskets.

4.2. Packaging must be up to 3.75 m long - 2 pieces; length from 3.9 to 5.5 m - 3 pieces; length 5.7 or more - 4 pcs.

4.3. The thickness of the pads - 10 - 25 mm, width - 40 mm and more. In the same row should be the same in thickness.

If the thickness and length do not exceed the size of standard gaskets.

4.4. Extreme gaskets are placed from the package at a distance of 0.3 - 0.5 m - in packaging up to 40 m long, 0.5 - 0.9 m - in packaging more than 4.0 m long; average - about the same distance from each other.

When laying a package of sawn timber, several long pads are placed at a distance of no more than 0.3 m from the end of the lumber of the smallest length.

4.5. Gasket dimensions - from 50 to 75 mm, width - not less than 75 mm.

The amount in the package should be the same as in the package. If each package is to be formed from short packages, then each package must be supported by at least two gaskets.

4.6. The ends of the pads should not protrude beyond the side surfaces of the bags and block the bags.

4.7. Wood linings should not have soft rot, as well as for cows and wormholes.

4.8. The moisture content in the wood strip must not exceed the moisture content in the packaged product.


5.1. To form a package of sawn timber, multi-way slings or disposable packaging tools (strapping) are used.

5.2. The number of lines on the bag should be two.

5.3. The number of belts on the package must be equal to the number of vertical rows of gaskets. The binder should be placed on the package when the pads are placed or close to them at a distance not exceeding the width of the pads.

5.4. When forming packages lumber is allowed to use bar strapping.

5.5. When forming transport packages for export, slings made from steel wire and rectangular wire are not used.

5.6. When shipping dry lumber (with a moisture content of no more than 22%), the package is wrapped with waterproof paper or waterproof paper or the film is placed in the package under the top row of lumber.


Lumber packaging should be marked with the size of 80 * 120 mm, on which the indelible paints of the following properties are applied:

consignee name,

destination name

the name of the manufacturer and its brand;

contract number or designation of the standard for sawn timber, name of sawn timber with an indication of the type, type of wood, cross-section dimensions, length

the quantity and volume of sawn timber in the package.

The label should be made of plywood, cardboard or paper and enclosed in a transparent, waterproof envelope and attached with wire or twine to the packaging in the most convenient, well-visible places.