The company DrevGrad was founded in 1995. We are engaged in the production of high quality lumber. Our company has extensive experience in woodworking: from the development of plots, the construction of houses and ending with finished lumber.
On imported equipment, our specialists dissolve business wood on a large range of boards that are sorted and sent for further processing in convection-type drying chambers equipped with modern automation, which allows the wood to be dried according to specified parameters without disrupting a complex process. With these technologies, we get excellent dry lumber moisture we need.

Dried materials go to the domestic and export markets, in addition, our company produces selected dry board (spruce, birch) for carpentry. The company is also engaged in the construction of houses. If necessary, we can build a house, a bathhouse, a gazebo and any other structure.

The company has a staff of qualified specialists in all sectors of its production, both at the construction site, during the construction of houses, and at the production, where logs and industrial wood are planted on boards, tangential, radial and semi-radial sawing.

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Also ready to consider the production of boards according to your size.

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